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Our Expertise

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Whatever the type of investigation you face, it is essential that you receive expert advice as quickly as possible and that it is 100% focused on your situation, and that you are left in no doubt that the most important person in a criminal case is you, not us. At BHB, we’ve dealt with every possible White-Collar scenario and criminal investigation and understand exactly how these investigators work and think, domestically and internationally. This means that we can prepare and present your defense appropriately, plus anticipate their intentions and prepare you accordingly.

With us on your side, you’ll have exceptional and honest strategic advice on how to cope with your situation, from timescales to when or how to respond to its repercussions. While no detail about your situation is too small, we can also see the bigger global picture, especially when the investigations crosses borders.

However we approach the case, our unswerving focus is on delivering a positive outcome every single time, we believe that every case can be won, no matter how unlikely it may initially appear. You may feel that you’re in an impossible situation. With our help, you will be able to get through it.



Judgment Enforcement and Asset Recovery

Obtaining a judgment in an arbitration or litigation is the first step to recovery. Collecting the judgment can be as challenging as – if not more difficult – getting an award or judgment in the first instance.  Our judgment enforcement and asset recovery practice skillfully navigates international and domestic law to enforce judgments against individuals, corporations, and even governments.

It is important to begin locating and securing assets even before an award or judgment. Our team can assist in seeking prejudgment remedies to secure awards.  Using our vast network of experts and investigators, we are able to find and secure assets from the outset.  We are also able to enforce judgments and awards after the arbitration or litigation has concluded.

Our judgment enforcement and asset recovery group are able to seek enforcement in courts across the globe. We seek out assets in the name of the debtor and in the names of other parties who hold assets of the debtor in an attempt to avoid enforcement.

We are also skilled in enforcing awards in commercial and investor-state arbitrations under the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Our team assists with asset recovery around the globe utilizing our vast domestic and international network.

Internal and External Investigations

Our attorneys have extensive experience working on behalf of Boards of Directors, individual corporate directors, audit committees, and specially formed committees conducting internal investigations abroad. We understand the importance of a focused, thorough investigation and implement the best practice to ensure that we maintain privilege and that our work is held in the strictest confidence.

Our team of attorneys is skilled in giving advice to private and public companies related to investigations. Whether that is terminating and disciplining employees, or managing investigations with whistleblowers and co-operators, we’re experts at helping clients with their internal challenges. We’re also relied on for the rigor of our remedial measures, including the implementation of compliance programs and advising on how and when to self-report to government regulators or the Department of Justice and whether and when to waive attorney-client privilege.

Our investigations have included issues related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, US economic sanctions violations, cybercrime, and a myriad of other tax and business fraud issues. We often advise companies on corporate governance issues and compliance programs.

Regulatory and Compliance

The U.S regulatory system becomes consistently more complex every day, particularly for foreign companies. Regulations constantly evolve around the globe, and the cost of non-compliance has skyrocketed.

We understand that robust compliance is a sword and shield. Our team creates and implements compliance programs related to U.S. economic sanctions, anti-corruption and money laundering.  We also review, test and maintain already existing compliance programs.  Our far-reaching network allows us to help clients around the world deal with regulatory and compliance issues proactively, creatively and effectively.

Intellectual Property Litigation and Counseling

Intellectual property is often a business’s most valuable asset.  We work with our clients to defend and enforce their intellectual property rights in courts across the United States.  Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of intellectual property litigation across a range of industry technologies.  Our team has prosecuted and defended patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright matters for clients in industries from pharmaceuticals to satellites.

Apart from litigation, we work with our clients to understand their business and develop comprehensive intellectual property strategies to best protect their intellectual property assets, both in the United States and overseas.  Such a proactive approach enables our clients to avoid litigation in many instances, and when litigation is required, puts our clients in the best possible position before they set foot in the courtroom.