Better Results

Better Results

We specialize in litigating complex disputes while providing outstanding service.


Breeding Henry Baysan is a new breed of U.S.based law firm, specifically focused on delivering results for our clients in the international legal market. We understand that the world is evolving, and getting more complicated every day.  That is the reason we created Breeding Henry Baysan: to navigate the most complex, high-stakes disputes and investigations for clients around the world using tight-knit teams focused on efficiency, client satisfaction, and results.

When we decided to establish BHB, we set out with 5 goals:

  • To create an experienced, talented, creative and smart team of U.S. trained litigators;
  • To narrowly focus our services to closely related areas of disputes and investigations in the international market;
  • To provide clients agility, flexibility and simplicity in the way that their case is litigated;
  • To cultivate a diverse group of experts that can be called upon to build high performance litigation teams; and
  • To do all of this using technology, communication, and creative fee structures with the ultimate goal of client satisfaction.

To solve difficult problems, you need experience. So, our partners get involved with cases and stay involved. You can expect that we will build a bespoke team of litigators that will advise you on your most serious issues with confidence and clarity.

Internationally, you need advice from lawyers who understand local legal markets, global political, and foreign media markets. You want the best advice from the best lawyers no matter where they are based. We believe our unique blend of U.S. trained lawyers from around the world give us a unique perspective and exceptional capability. Whether it is speaking to clients in their native language, translating documents, or understanding disputes from the client’s perspective, our global reach with local capability gives you just that, wherever in the world you are.

We have made a deliberate choice to remain agile.  Our agility and close-knit team approach lead to great ideas, great efficiency and, ultimately, great results.  We are able to evolve with cases to resolve issues; we stay in constant communication, and we maintain an institutional knowledge of every case throughout the firm.  No matter what, your case will be managed by experienced U.S. trained litigators and partners who are accessible to you anytime.  This model allows us to be large enough to handle you most sensitive cases, but small enough to create highly efficient, aggressive teams of experts and attorneys.

Whether it is subject matter experts, valuations, forensic investigation or calling on the resources of larger teams of attorneys, we have a vast network of experts we can call upon in any situation.  Whether your case requires a small surgical litigation team or a massive bet-the-firm team of lawyers and service professionals, we have the experience to run your litigation to maximum effect.

The core of all of this is our commitment to use technology, real-time communication, and creative fee structures to get the results you want in the most effective manner.  We are able to roll out technology to stay in close communication with our clients all over the world.  Our commitment to international disputes and investigations has given us the capability to creatively structure those technologies in a cost-effective manner.   We also recognize that clients around the globe operate in different ways based on currency exchange rates, customs, and other market forces and we are sensitive to those.  We are committed to providing exceptional service using creative fee structures taking those factors into consideration.

Look at the geographical spread of our cases and clients – you’ll struggle to find a comparable practice in terms of both location and complexity, let alone one with our track record of success. There’s no substitute for extensive and intensive experience litigating both in the U.S. and overseas.

We are built to provide the highest level of client service and advocacy to our clients no matter the time, location, or issue.  We are a U.S. law firm providing global services with local knowledge.  In short, we are globally, local.